Thursday, June 23, 2005


What is with all these destructive lesbian mothers? Biomoms stealing the kids. Nonbio parentsgoing out for a permanent pack of cigarettes. They work homophobia for their own selfish or hostile ends. And so many have twins!

Meet Emily B, a deadbeat Mom. Emily had children with her partner, EMB -- they got twins, one with Down Syndrome. After a year and a half, Emily walks - and adds, no child support: "I'm not the children's father." No Kidding Emily! We thought you loved mowing the lawn & doing the BBQ! (USA Today -- a found copy -- reports that they "had even shared breast-feeding duties", though this isn't spelled out. Emily, you breastfed the twins and you're not a parent?

E.G. is another tragedy. E.G. took her partner, K.M.'s, egg. KM signed the rights to the eggs away - something one must do in to even transmit donor eggs. They too had twins. When E.G. wants to get sole custody, she cites that waiver of parental rights that allowed her to get the eggs in the first place!

Kristine also enters this hall of shame. She was with Lisa for 8 years and even had Lisa declared the legal father, and both parents, before their child was born. They are together 2-1/2 years -- the child has language, attachments, and so forth. Kristine now wants Lisa out, and her lawyer (Honey Kessler Amad0) aruges that she never intended to give Lisa full paternity rights. Oops, did that paperwork to name you Daddy - I thought I meant my Daddy! Not the baby's Daddy! Went to the courthouse, filled out forms, got them notarized, and all that, but it was one big misunderstanding that lasted 30 months.

Fortunately California's higher courts seem more gay friendly than these chicks. It's not that I think lesbians should be better than hets - but yes, in fact, I wish they would.

See USA Today 6/21/05: 3A.


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