Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The renditions of King Tut from a CT scan of his mummified body present a hip, white (or ethnic white) metrosexual face, complete with eyeliner. His 19-year-old lithe self would be a big hit at the raves (except that he seems to have broken his thigh a few days before death). Except for that overbite and weak chin. But how do they know his skin color from a CT scan? He was identified as caucasoid North African: does that mean white?

(It is too difficult for me to add a photo with my current blogging skill set. Search King Tut CT scan. Or King Tut overbite.)


Blogger Sfrajett said...

Yeah, the NYT chose the pretty french face of Tut for its front page, and both Google news and BBC news on the web also chose that picture, EVEN THOUGH in the story that covered it, everyone noted that the Egyptian face looked the most Egyptian. So basically, the news media seem to want Tut to look like a teenage Euro goth raver.

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