Monday, January 24, 2005


The blizzard of Jan 2005 slowed many pilgrims -- flights cancelled, many delays, reservation not recognized. But I made it to Buenos Aires on a flight to Porto Alegre full of the tell-tale figures of the World Social Forum -- nuns in blue robes, passports of all colors, and alternative dress to the business class. I sat in the last available seat between a bearded community radio activist who had dabbled in archeology, and looked the part and the Filipina woman -- who knew him from listservs & radio organizing -- who works for the Women~s Int~l Tribune Center, but recently for ISIS (which organized the feminist dialogue I was trying to attend). So we had a nice chat in the very last row of TAM flight 1802, on which they serve whiskey & wine at no extra charge to economy class.

I caught a cab with Marvik to the feminist dialogue, where I ran into Svati, Sususanna George, Susanna Fried, Sonia Alvarez, and Cynthia Rothschild and met others.


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